Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mid-Week Ramblings

In case you can't tell, work is kind of slow right now. That's one of the reasons why I've been posting a lot lately. I'm working on the straps for Eliza and I'd say I could probably be finished with it this weekend. I'm on the fence about how I like this tank. But I am a little more optimistic now the straps are forming.

I finished sewing the skirt from the red fabric in the previous post. It's a very simple design, but that's ok because the fabric stands out on its own just fine. And I think I've found a dress pattern for the other green flowered fabric. I'm glad I'm putting my sewing machine to use. It was getting kind of dusty sitting in the corner amongst all my knitting stuff. Poor thing. It'll be getting some more attention soon enough.

Has anyone seen the new Summer Knitty? This is probably the best one yet in terms of the sheer number of things I'll actually knit (or rather, see myself knitting). I'm not upset over the lack of "summery" items. It's already kind of late in the season to be knitting a large "summer" projects. Small projects are good for the soul anyway. I would say most knitters knit less in the summer anyway (at least I do), thus, big projects just won't do. Here are some of my favorites:

There's more, but I'm too lazy to list and link all of them. Hopefully, you're not too lazy to click. :)

I also read this article about designing and publishing knitwear. This is something that I'd like to do. Though, I find the idea of designing a sweater quite daunting, probably because I haven't really knit any. So I guess I'll have to start out small. I have a couple of ideas swimming around in my naugen. I have a sketch book where I right down pattern adjustments and notes. So what's stopping me?

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