Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cardigans vs. Pullovers

Here are the projects that I’m breaking my yarn diet for:

Provincial Waistcoat by Mari Lynn Patrick (Interweave Knits, Winter 2006)

Nantucket Jacket by Norah Gaughan (Interweave Knits, Winter 2006)

Flicca by Anna Bell (My Fashionable Life)

Tilted Duster by Norah Gaughan (Interweave Knits, Fall 2007)

Phyllo Yoked Pullover by Norah Gaughan (Knitting Nature)

I noticed something: only one pullover in the bunch. Hmm… why this obvious preference for cardigans? Can’t say for sure. My guess would be that I like to layer. By acquiring layering items for my wardrobe means I have more options. More options = more bang for my buck.

Or maybe I just like sewing buttons.

Oh man, I am having so much fun picking out yarns and colors these projects!! I’ve only ordered yarn for two projects so far. I think I’m dragging out the other purchases on purpose. Must make the fun. Last. Longer…

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mom's Christmas Socks

I like socks. They're fun to knit. They don't normally take very long to complete. They're functional.

And, if you don't mind my bragging, I'm pretty good a knitting socks. I have much better luck with socks than with sweaters.

I also think they're a good starting point for making your own design. Once you know the basic sock template, you can add whatever stitch(es) you like. Besides fitting your stitch pattern in your ankle circumference, there's not much to it.

I had two requests from my mom when it came to her Christmas socks: 1. She wants them nice and thick 2. No crazy colors.

That's do-able.

So I wip'd (he he) these up. All by myself.

X-Mas Socks for my Mom

They're made out of one skein of LB Wool Ease worsted, which is a good, cheap sock yarn despite the high acrylic content. I knit them on US 4 circs (magic loop) so the fabric is really thick, and a little stiff, but nothing a trip in the washer and dryer won't fix (another LB Wool Ease advantage). I grabbed the bias rib from one of my stitch books and the lace border from the Floral Lace Anklets (Lace Style, Interweave Press) I just finished. Overall, I took inspiration from the Spiral Boot Socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 by Veronik Avery.

Sorry, but this is the only picture and I know it's not a very good one. (It's kind of like looking at the sock's butt). I haven't been in a blogging mood these past couple weeks. But since I have an extra skein of this yarn, maybe I'll make a pair for myself... eventually.

Good News! I'm breaking my yarn diet this Christmas. I've already ordered some yarn and me thinks I'll be ordering more... YAAARNN!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

I received my Ravelry invite a few days ago. My name is Tookish there, so say hello if you're on there too. I'm just getting acquainted right now, but overall I think the site is brilliant!

I managed to cast on and finish a pair of socks for my mom since my last post. I'll try and post what pics I have of it. They're already wrapped and in the possession of the recipient.

Right now I'm knitting the Poseidon Socks from Exercise Before Knitting. They're going good. I'll post when the first sock is done.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Floral Lace Anklets from Lace Style

I finally managed some half-way decent photos of the Floral Lace Anklets. I decided to post on Craftster first since these are a gift. I'll make sure to post the pics here after she receives them. Maybe I'll sneak a few pics of her modeling them, heh heh!

Until, then please click here to see my post on Craftster.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I finished the Floral Lace Anklets a couple days ago (katiedid- the yarn color is actually Burgundy), but I haven’t been able to take pictures, because the weather (thus, light) has been kind of crappy for the past few days.

What about that light box thingie you were going make, you say? That’s done, BUT I’d like to use some sock blockers if I’m going to photograph them using the light box. Sock blockers are just a nicer way to show off socks than just laying the sock flat as it is. Ooo! You know what I should get? One of those mannequin foots!! (note to self: ebay mannequin foot)

I’ve started on the next pair of x-mas socks. These will be for my mom made out of worsted weight Wool-Ease. They’ll be nice and thick. I finally casted on last night after a couple evenings of planning. I’m knitting them on size 4 circs because I hate my Denise Interchangeable size 5’s (don't you). The fabric is definitely stiff, but they should soften up once they’re washed (cue: washer/dryer of death).

Besides that, I’ve been discovering some new blogs, which I’ve added to my sidebar: Domesticrafts, Slipped Stitch, and Exercise Before Knitting. And here are some links to sock patterns I found recently. Socktoberfest for me has been extended to Christmas. Surprisingly, I’m not getting tired of making them, but when I’m finally to the point where I can actually make a sock for myself, I probably will be. That’s the way these things work.

Sock pattern links (all free):
Poseidon Socks (Exercise Before Knitting)

Drunken Bees Socks (Domesticraft)

Zephyre socks (Domesticraft)

Vinnland socks (The Anticraft)

Ridges and Ribs Socks (Criminy Jickets)

Enjoy! There's just so much great stuff out there in the blogosphere. We gotta help each other out, right? :-)