Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I finished the Floral Lace Anklets a couple days ago (katiedid- the yarn color is actually Burgundy), but I haven’t been able to take pictures, because the weather (thus, light) has been kind of crappy for the past few days.

What about that light box thingie you were going make, you say? That’s done, BUT I’d like to use some sock blockers if I’m going to photograph them using the light box. Sock blockers are just a nicer way to show off socks than just laying the sock flat as it is. Ooo! You know what I should get? One of those mannequin foots!! (note to self: ebay mannequin foot)

I’ve started on the next pair of x-mas socks. These will be for my mom made out of worsted weight Wool-Ease. They’ll be nice and thick. I finally casted on last night after a couple evenings of planning. I’m knitting them on size 4 circs because I hate my Denise Interchangeable size 5’s (don't you). The fabric is definitely stiff, but they should soften up once they’re washed (cue: washer/dryer of death).

Besides that, I’ve been discovering some new blogs, which I’ve added to my sidebar: Domesticrafts, Slipped Stitch, and Exercise Before Knitting. And here are some links to sock patterns I found recently. Socktoberfest for me has been extended to Christmas. Surprisingly, I’m not getting tired of making them, but when I’m finally to the point where I can actually make a sock for myself, I probably will be. That’s the way these things work.

Sock pattern links (all free):
Poseidon Socks (Exercise Before Knitting)

Drunken Bees Socks (Domesticraft)

Zephyre socks (Domesticraft)

Vinnland socks (The Anticraft)

Ridges and Ribs Socks (Criminy Jickets)

Enjoy! There's just so much great stuff out there in the blogosphere. We gotta help each other out, right? :-)


katiedid said...

Oooh, burgundy. I like.

And speaking of helping each other out: here's a tutorial on how to make sock blockers from a wire hanger.

Erin said...

Nearly all my Christmas presents are socks too. I don't ever really tire of knitting socks for some reason!