Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Eliza Progress and such

So here is Eliza in it's partially complete glory. Nothing fancy, and the yarn kind of masks the seed-stitch ribbing a bit. But better lighting will solve that problem.

As you can see it's a simple tank. A little to simple, if I do say so myself. It's not the most interesting thing to knit. But that might have something to do with the size5 and 4 needles I'm using. I'm knitting this out of recycled yarn (wool/silk/cotton blend), btw.

Guess what? I'm actually going to sew something. I purchased some silky fabric at Joann's the other day. They're having an awesome sale on their summer fabrics and the clearance fabrics are an extra 60% off. So stock up, bitch!

The green flower fabric is incredibly silky. This will be a summer dress. I'm thinking of maybe following on on-line tutorial or even designing my own. I think I can do without an actual pattern. Craftster has silenced my inner voice that says I need a pattern for everything. The red embroidered fabric is also silky, but has a slight tafetta-like texture. This is already cut and pinned and ready to be sewn into a simple summer skirt. There was only a little more than a yard left on the roll so I'm limited as to what I can do with it. But it was only $1.69/yd so I'm happy :)

I don't have anything planned for the holiday. I'm not a big July 4th person. Plus, it being a tuesday really dampens a lot of potential holiday excitement (yes, I had to work yesterday). But not that really do anything anyway. But if you aren't a homehugging nerd like myself and have plans, be sure to have fun and be safe :)


Karin said...

I am not much of a 4th of July person either-- I spent the evening doing laundry. I'm so bummed I missed the Joann sale! I'm sure they'll have another one soon enough though!

ErLeCa said...

Those are some beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to see the dress and skirt that you plan to make with them. You just gotta love Joann's!