Saturday, July 08, 2006

Poor Choice of Knits

Well, Eliza looked good on the mannequin in the pattern picture. On me? Not so much. But looking at its partially completed form you can probably see why it's just now been frogged.

  1. It's too short
  2. It's not form fitting and, thus, makes me look fat.
  3. The shape of the neckline is also not flattering.
I got about half-way through the straps, decided to try it on, and then decided to frog. Remember when I said I'vebeen wanting to create my own patterns (and maybe one day actually sell them?) Well, I started. I've CO'd for my first self-designed top. A tank top. Simple, and I think a good place to start.

Tomorrow is the big day for me. Tomorrow I will run the longest distance I have EVER run... EVER! I'm actually kind of excited and pretty confident. I've been watching my diet this last week and a half (with the help of Mr. V). I've also had some pretty good training runs. I was able to get up to about 8 miles during training, which should be good enough. The race starts at 8AM so the sun won't be as bright. Bring it on, baby.

Wish me luck!


Karin said...

That race sounds fun. I've been thinking about doing a 10k this fall.

katiedid said...

I'm delurking to say good luck on your race! Runners are so inspiring. :)