Friday, January 06, 2006

Simple minds....

So, I've been plugging away on Hourglass Sweater. I would say I'm just about done. I'm focusing all my knitting time on this somewhat neglected piece because, well, it's about damn time I finished it. Like I said in previous posts, I'm itching to knit some socks, a hooded scarf for mom, and the ballet wrap sweater from IK Winter issue (which I have yet to receive), yada yada. Still no Andes. He's been neglected lately too, but I did get one of my Christmas presents in the mail the other day: my ball winder.

A pleasant surprise. A new toy for me to play with! I would like to note it's a rather pricey toy for what I received. I'm also not too happy that I paid $8 for shipping, and it still took 7-10 business days, and then they just plopped it on my front porch (not even hidden in between the doors). For $8 they better serve it to me a silver platter, the bastards. Also the fact that it's cheap, "made in japan" plastic, doesn't justify it's $50 price tag, or so my initial impression told me. Thankfully, we used a coupon. But after a few minutes of bitching and threating to return the overpriced item, I was happily converting my skeins into some easy-center-pull-cylinder goodness. I wound up some Jiffy yarn for Hourglass, some Wool-Ease for future Urban Necessities and Socks, and some christmas boucle. FUN!!

*sigh* all is forgiven.

I know I said I was going to adjust the Irish Hiking Scarf to make my mom's hooded scarf, but now I'm not so sure. Sometimes I'm not good at thinking outside the box. Anyone have some design ideas for a hooded scarf?

I'll post Hourglass pictures when all is said and done. Sorry I've been so inconsistent with posting lately. Please be patient with me. Lata!

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Winter said...

I think that soon I'm going to invest in a ball winder. I have a lot of yarn that I'm unravelling from thrift store sweaters, and I'm tried of wrapping them around chair legs to turn into badly lumpy skeins. :p A ball winder would make things a heck of a lot easier, lemme tell ya!