Saturday, January 07, 2006


oi, what a time I've been having with the internet these last few days! If you have multiple choices of high-speed ISP's where you are I would recommend you avoid Verizon at all costs. We've had them for about a year and every couple months it seems the internet and/or phone decides to get horribly inconsistent or just not work at all. And when you call to bitch/inquire you gab with a machine like an idiot, get transferred to one place then the other, and when you do talk to a warm-blooded organism finally they transfer you somewhere else. ARGH!

Anyways... I have a chance to post again this morning so I'd figure I share some knitting fantasies with you. ;)

I was surfing the Anthropologie website looking at their lovely (but pricey) clothes. Anthropologie is a clothing store along the lines of J.Crew, but I didn't know of their existence until I started reading the Craftster forums. It seems a lot of people like this store, and some even make copycat knitting patterns of some of their sweaters. I don't blame them. Their stuff is gorgeous but even if I'm filthy rich I don't think I'll ever spend $88 for a cardigan sweater like this:

I am just in love with this sweater. I must knit it. But I'm rather new to this whole knitting thing. The thought of making my own sweater pattern intimidates the funk out of me, but maybe I could make this a long term project. It seems rather simple in its design. It has that curved bolero-esque body going on. So I think I could knit a back piece and two small curved front pieces, sewn them together, pick up stitches on the outer edges and 2x2 rib for maybe a good 8-10 inches to allow for a good overlap, add a buttonhole and button on side. Then of course there's the sleeve issue, or rather, shaping the armhole and sleeve cap. The little I know about sweater construction is that sleeve caps and armholes are tricky. Or, they require some thought and planning.

So what do you think? I could tackle this sweater if I plan accordingly, do some measuring, some math, sketching... Maybe I'm not so intimidated anymore. For yarn, I'm thinking Caron Simply Soft. Maybe about 4-5 or skeins would do the trick and that would cost me no more than $10 at wal-mart. A mere fraction of what Anthropologie wants for theirs. Sweet Jesus, I love bargains!


ErLeCa said...

I do love that sweater too! It sounds like you already have a bit of a plan in mind. I think if you play around with it, you'll definitely be able to knit something like it, no problem!

Winter said...

Holy crap! That sweater would look awful on me (due to my 'ample' figure), but man, that doesn't stop me from wanting to wear it!