Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

It's officially the last day of 2005. Can you believe it? I remember when it was 1995 for crying out loud. I remember 5 years ago, when I brought in a new millenium and everyone was surprised the world didn't end (-I wasn't surprised. I'm not one to buy into doomsday theories). Time flies when you're enjoying life. To everyone: a safe and Happy New Year! Now, onto the knitting:

So here are the three skeins of Bernat Boucle I got for christmas. I'm wondering what I should do with them besides make yet another scarf or hat. Something unique. Interesting. Unexpected.... but what? Posing them on my leather couch was not a good idea but thankfully photoshop worked it's magic and brightened it up a little bit. The colors are wine red, navy blue (looks black, I know), and blue denim (also looks black, but it's really blue, trust me). I am open for suggestions. :)

I finished the Practice Sock from Knitty last night. I used some more of my wool-ease that just never seems to go away (not that I'm complaining). I am so glad I did this. One: it got me familiar with the basic sock construction and terms like "instep" and "heel" as they relate to knitting. Two: I plan on magic looping socks with one circular needle (because DPNS are the DEVIL). It was a little awkward working with one circular and some of the heel stitches are a little wonky, but, eh, it'll improve with more practice. So now I think I'm ready for the real thing. Sometime today or this weekend I'm going on a yarn binge, because Joann's is having a sale on all Lion Brand yarns including wool-ease and Homespun. I'm planning on using Homespun as a substitute for the Ballet Wrap featured on the cover of Interweave Knits. I don't have the pattern yet, so I'm not sure if I should get the yarn, but it is on sale. Oh, the dilemma. Anyway here's the practice sock for you macro viewing pleasure. EXTREME CLOSEUP!

My mom has also put in request for a hooded scarf. And I'm thinking of adjusting the Irish Hiking Scarf that I adore to a Hooded Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm planning on using, yup, wool-ease for this one. Machine washable, warm, and afordable. Can't beat it!

Well, my fiber friends, I'm planning on bringing in the New Year with Mr.V, knitting, movie-watching, book-reading, and Andes manhunting. I'm still wondering if I'll do the New Year's Resolution thing. How about you? Do you have a New Year's Resolution?


Karin said...

Resolution? Eh, probably not. I'm going to a party tonight, should be fun, there will be other knitters there :). With the there enough to make like a sleeveless top? Or you could make a minisweater maybe.

Anonymous said...

New Year's resolution? Hmmm...... Yes, I think I'll knit more and take up spinning! Now that's a resolution I know I can keep.

ErLeCa said...

Still no Andes huh? Shameful Mr. V! Love the sock, it's so cute and it looks like a great way to learn how to knit socks without spending all the time making big ones. Cool stuff!

Susan said...

Hi Cathy!

Happy New Year.

To kick off the new knitting year, I've started a blog ring for knitters in upstate NY. I'd love to have your blog in the ring. To join, go to my blog at and click the join link under Upstate New York Knitters.