Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday Fun Day, take two

So yeah, I spent a good bit of my lunch break writing a nice long post, but stupid blogger decided to not work so I lost the whole damn post. (I hate you blogger). So here's the gist of what I was going to say since I now have to get back to work:

  1. Didn't get too much knitting done the past few days. Only a couple rows of Hourglass Sweater were finished due to errands, wal-mart, Inuyasha, and LOST.
  2. The new Magknits is out. I like this bag, though I probably won't knit it because I'm not much of a bag person.
  3. Going to Nutcracker Ballet this evening, and how cool is Mr.V that he's willingly going along with me? Thanks for not being macho, Mr. V. (i heart you)
  4. Resolved to devote Sat and Sun to knitting Saxon Scarf. Hourglass until then because it's a mindless knit
  5. Bought a skein of Bernat Softee Chunky at wal-mart to knit Dad's B-day present featured in LMKG (you figure it out). Cheaper alternative to the 100% cashmere called for in the pattern. (chaa-right)
  6. Also bought crochet hook to practice mad-crocheting skills. (thanks, mum!!)

Peace out!

PS- I hate you blogger...


ErLeCa said...

I hate blogger too sometimes. It can really be a pain in the butt!

Bee said...

Blogger really tests my patience too...I'm sorry that you lost your whole post!

I found your blog through the 21st century hostess -- mind if I add you to my blog list? Have an awesome day!

Bee said...

Of course you can add me! Thanks!

Karin said...

Woohoo someone found you through me, rock on. I need to practice crocheting too! It is a shame I can't quit my job to stay home and craft.