Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nuttin' but a Nutcracker Snob

Happy weekend, everyone. I'm sitting here eating my breakfast: Grapenuts and vanilla soymilk (YUM... seriously). Mr.V is still snoozing, so I'd figure I'd give a little update.

BTW, Karin- I totally agree about not having to work so I can craft all day. Why, oh, why am I not independently wealthy?

As I promised myself, I worked on the hourglass sweater yesterday. This weekend: Saxon Scarf. I'm serious. And I'll be sure to post some progress pictures ASAP. These projects aren't too terribly complicated so I won't bore with redundant pictures.

Oh yeah, what's up with being down for so long? I mean, I know WHY. But I like surfing that site, and I miss it. It always seems like switching hosts or whatever is such a for websites. Oh well, absense makes the heart grow fonder!

So Mr. V and I went to the Nutcracker Thurs. night. It was a fun night, and not expensive in the least. As for the performance: well, I've seen better. The music, performed live by the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, was fantastic but the performance on stage wasn't all there. I am by no means a ballet expert, but I have seen the Nutcracker many times in my life. And this just wasn't very good. So on the way home, I proceeded to knitpick every part I thought was lackluster, and Mr.V proceeded to dub me a "Nutcracker Snob" and barred me from seeing anymore Nutcracker ballets. This being Mr. V's first ballet experience he wasn't too impressed either. He's more of a play person. He just couldn't get into the telling of a story through dance. He also noted, much to my amusement, that "he doesn't need to see men in tights like that" further noting the "definition of the cheeks" and "spread" of some of the male performers. LOL...

Back to knitting: I'm constantly thinking about future projects and right now I'm pondering a cute little poncho. Yes, I know, there is a whole group of anti-poncho knitters out there. But some are really cute (I've been eyeing the Lace Poncho from the Staff ponchos on Interweave Knits website). Not that I care too much about what's in or not, but what are you guys? Pro-Poncho, or Anti-Poncho knitters?


Karin said...

I made a poncho once. It's warm and ugly as sin. I should have entered it in the
you knit what contest. I can't imagine I'll ever make another one.

And if I ever took Aaron to a ballet I am sure he'd comment only on the tights too and how disturbing they are.

ErLeCa said...

I'm on the fence about the poncho. I've seen some really cute ones that turned out nice, but then I've also seen so butt ugly ones that seriously should be burned. I suppose it all depends!

Anonymous said...

Anti-poncho!!! However, I think little (young) girls look cute in them.