Monday, December 05, 2005

One step forward, two steps back

So yeah, Saxon Scarf is looking pretty good.

I stayed true to my word and cabled my little heart all weekend! .... Ok I cheated a little. But I would say I'm about 3/4 of the way done. Say: another 12" to go? I should definately finish this in time for x-mas. I have to admit that my bubble burst a tad when I saw this post on Craftster. When this was all said and finished I was hoping to get some bragging rights on my favorite crafting forum, but someone already beat me to it. (I like mine better anyways) :P

So after hunching over Saxon (O.o) all weekend I caved in Sunday night and worked on Hourglass. Ahhh good old mindless knit. The lower body is coming along nicely. Well, WAS coming along nicely:

Until I held it up to my body and realized that it was turning out to be a tight knit. Hmm... I pondered. I checked the pattern. I'm working the size that will be 37" when all said and done. That sounded right at first. At least it did to my delusional brain. So I went to bed trying to convince myself that I knit the right size. I mean, I wear a 36 x bra. So 37" would fit me right???? RIGHT??


I took a tape measure to myself and it turns out that my chest is a good 38.5" (not that I'm complaining). Conclusion: the sweater I'm knitting isn't getting over my jumblies. Tonight I will be ripping out hourglass, and starting anew with the next size up. Grrrrr..... You see I have a love/hate relationship with my chest. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I wish I were a bit smaller so I can wear cute little tanktops without showing off my OSBH (over the shoulder boulder holder). I guess this mistake was me wishing I was a teensy bit smaller. Anyways: Hourglass Sweater, take 2 --> next up on eat-sleep-knit


Mia said...

"Jumblies" ::laughing:: I WISH I had some jumblies to get over! I'm making my sweater at a size 40 so I think I'm going to have just the opposite problem.. but hoping that a nice hot water bath will shrink it just enough.

We shall see!

ErLeCa said...

Well, I can't say I've ever had a problem with something not fitting over my 'jumblies', but I have had to completely rip out a sweater before. I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with the Saxon Scarf. Where did you get the pattern (I hope I didn't overlook it on your blog). I just have to knit one!

Anonymous said...

Just another comment....

I wish my jumblies were as flat as pancakes!

Satori said...

Your Saxon Scarf is fantastic. I am just about to put all my other knitting projects on hold and start that scarf myself. It's just beautiful.

As for the "jumblies" well I have always had that love/hate thing going on with mine. When I was in my teens my grandmother told me that I would "grow into them" so that right there should tell you something. LOL. The "girls" are one reason why I don't knit myself sweaters.