Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blah blah

What horrible weather we're having here. What's up with the 65 deg temperaturs? More so, what's up with the gale force winds pushing me and my forester all over the place. At least some of the salt caked on it is getting washed off a little from this rain.

Anyhoos, I've been working on my hourglass sweater. I have a really good feeling about this one. There isn't much to it yet, so there's no sense is photographing it. I'm wondering how the finishing will go, since this will be my first try at hemming a knitted product. That seems weird to me.

But, tonight I promised myself I will work on my MIL's Saxon Scarf. That takes first priority over anything else. I'm also pondering b-day presents for my Dad and brother who share the same birthday shortly after christmas. I know what I want to make my dad. Any suggestions for my brother? He isn't a scarf person, or a hat person. *head exploding*

I ordered tickets to the Nutcracker ballet today. I got a coupon from my Enjoy the City (thanks, mum) book for buy one get one free. It's one of my christmas presents, te he!


Karin said...

You hem it? Weird. Just so there's a more finished edge to it? Anyways I think Kim over at www.yarnabuse.com made the same sweater you're talking about within the past month or so so you might want to check her archives.

ErLeCa said...

I made a couple Dale of Norway sweaters with hemmed edges, and they really do look nice. The trick is to hem stitch every other stitch so that you don't get too much of a seam showing through to the front side.