Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back in the Saddle with Some IG

Alrighty, everything's back to normal here for the most part. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I've got a ton of yummy food to eat for the rest of the week ;)

So, I started working on an IG project (Instant Gratification-acronyms are your friend). I have a ton of Rainbow Boucle yarn I got from Joann's in my stash and I wanted to try a little experiment with this thing called Magic Loop. I've been seeing it everywhere, and it looks pretty nifty. To bandwagon I went. Basically it allows you to knit small circumference projects like hats and socks using a long circular needle. NO DPNs!! Yes, that's not a typo, long circular needles. I like this idea because I have a Denise Interchangeable set and using magic loop means I'll almost never have to buy dpns.

The technique itself is rather easy. After you get used to it, you can knit as fast as you would trying to juggle a bunch of dpns. So... I decided to make a hat out of my Boucle. I didn't use a pattern I pretty much eyeballed it. I knitted a swatch up, got my gauge, measured the circumference of my fat head, did some math, magic looped 6 inches and some k2togging later, I have this:

Sorry, for the bad pic. But you get the idea. Magic Loop is AWESOME! Try it!



Karin said...

That turned out awesome!! Good job on measuring that to get it to fit right. My friend just taught me how to do magic loop and it's really nice. I've got the denise set too and I hope to never buy another freakin' needle again :).

ErLeCa said...

I've tried the magic loop and I think I'm still attached to my DPN's. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way! :)

Mia said...

Wow - good job! I've just learned the magic loop myself.. I don't think I'm ever gonna go back to DPNs..

then again.. ya never know!