Monday, November 21, 2005

Pre-Thanksgiving Post

Ok, this will be my last post until after Thanksgiving. I have so much stuff to do to prepare for the holiday. I just don't have time for you people. :P LOL, seriously though. This is what I'm up to.

The Dayflower Scarf is a bust. I just wasn't liking the way it was turning out. And blocking wouldn't help because the yarn is 80% acrylic and everything I read said that blocking won't work on acrylic yarns. But that's ok, because I think I'm onto something better. I whipped out Encyclopedia of Knitting(EoN), and started toying with some stitch patterns. I'm making a super special MIL scarf all on my very own. So this is my brainchild, the Saxon Scarf:

It's just a long ass Saxon Braid, but I like it. Hopefully, my MIL will, too. Not everyone's into the celtic thing. I just followed the pattern instructions and added some 2x2 rib edge and border. This will be a long knit, cuz there's lots of cabling.

I got my copy of Last Minute Knitted gifts from the library today. YEAH!! This book is really cute. I paged through and looked at the pictures, but I haven't actually read any of the patterns yet. But here's one of the many items I like:

It's the silk cami (pay no mind to the model's pointy boobs). Me likes!

And here is the reason why I borrowed the book: The Hourglass Sweater

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make this from the blackberry yarn. It's fitted, simple, and I just think this will work better than you-know-what did.

Finally, today I received a GENUINE Belgian chocolate bar from an aquaintance who just returned from... yup, Belgium! How thoughtful. Thanks, Dennis (who is from Belgium btw) Check it out:

Cool! And despite what people may tell you, Big Nuts are actually quite sweet.

GOBBLE, Gobble...


Karin said...

I love that scarf!! Cabling is fun once you get the hang of it I've found.

Susan said...

Love the scarf too but then I am really into the Celtic thing. Have a happy turkey day and hope we will see you on Saturday.

ErLeCa said...

Sorry the blocking didn't work. I actually like the cabled scarf better! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mia said...

I'm LOVING the scarf! How can anyone not like it?! The color is great too..

Enjoy your thanksgiving!