Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday Edition

Well, I've had a good two days. We successfully got the mattress moved in (thanks to my officemate and her pick-up). No injuries were reported. Actually, the mattress wasn't that heavy considering it's a queen size. Oh well. The old mattress is in the spare bedroom with all the new bedding on it. Yeah, so now our spare bedroom looks nicer thane the own we actually sleep in. The spare room is also where I keep my crafty stuff and my sewing table, which had to be rearranged to make room of for the bed. I also commandeered (at the suggestion of Mr.V) an empty computer stand which is now small storage shelves. So now I have a little crafty corner all for my very own:

He, he. It looks so cute. But normally I do my knitting downstairs on the couch or in our bedroom. Plus, in order to save money on heating (we have natural gas), we've turned down the thermostat as low as it can go. We shut the door to our bedroom to keep the heat in there. So it's f-ing frigid in that room right now. We're pretty much heating this place with our own body heat. I can take it. We ordered a space heater, but it's on back order and should arriving soon (yeah right, that two-week back order is now a three-week back order). I guess I've got to play popsicle until then...

In knitting news, I've started the Dayflower scarf. And restarted, and restarted, and restarted. UGH! So many misfires! This is my first lace so I have to get used to actually paying attention when I knit. For you new comers, this baby isn't for me (first act of selfless knitting) it's for my MIL. I hope she likes it. I'm using LB Wool-Ease, and I'm wishing I picked something different now. The lace isn't showing very well even on size 10 needles, plus it's splitting like a mofo. This is what I have so far:

Maybe I'm being too critical.

I got an invite to a knitting group (see comments in previous post)! They meet Saturdays at Starbucks. Thanks, ErleCa! I'd like to try it and see what this stitch n' bitch stuff is like. Check out the welcome pic on there MSN group site:

Love it! ~Lata


Karin said...

HA! I feel like that all the time--I would rather sit at home and craft than go out and actually do anything! I just bought a whole bunch of Wool-Ease/Caron Simply Soft for a sweater and it came in at under $15!! Gotta love a bargain.

Maybe try blocking the lace to see how it looks then? I know with knitting lace you really can't tell what it'll look like till it's blocked.

Susan said...

Hi and welcome to our group. I just approved your membership in the MSN group and am looking forward to meeting you at Starbucks sometime soon. Love your blog! I share your opinion about the original Willie Wonka!

ErLeCa said...

Hey, I'm so glad you joined up! I'll be there the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'll have a nice long weekend so it's the perfect time to go!

Karin's right about the lace. Wait until you block it to find out how it's going to turn out. Lace is notorious for that.