Sunday, November 06, 2005

Goodbye, Dragon Inn

Now, this isn't about knitting, but I feel the need to discuss this. Last night, Mr.V and I watched the second of two movies I borrowed from the local library (what a I like to call a poor-man's rental). The first movie we watched the other night was a great movie called "The Reckoning" starring Willem Dafoe and Paul Bettany. An orginal and surprisingly complex movie of which I was really pleased with. A movie I would be happy to own. Let's say the second movie did not follow in the first's footsteps. It's a Chinese film called "Goodbye, Dragon Inn". From reading the description I thought the movie concept was rather interesting. This movie was sooooooooooo slow and seemingly pointless. It's one of those artsy type movies that just gets too caught up in being artsy that it falls flat on its ass in a pile of horseshit. This is the first time we EVER watched an ENTIRE movie in fast forward, and it was still slow. I could count on both hands the number of lines of scripted dialogue. The rest of the speaking came from the movie Dragon Inn (the original version) playing in the background. Just sad. Thankfully, I didn't pay anything to watch it (thanks OCL!). And don't think that the movie "Dragon Inn" will be bad. It's not. It's a martial arts classic. I own and love the 1992 re-make starring all the best and brightest in Chinese cinema.

Pheww, alright. Glad that's out of my system. I'm just looking out for y'all. :)

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