Saturday, November 05, 2005

Not Another Knitting Blog??!!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm joining the bandwagon. Welcome to eat-sleep-knit, where you can read about my adventures in knitting, sewing, and some of my random thoughts (discretion advised). I've been knitting for about 3 months. I've been sewing for over a year. Knitting fits me better I think due to its portability, complexity, and history. (did I mention that I'm a dork?) And now I'm ready to build my very own shrine to the craft. *idiotic smile* Here's me modeling my funkay mittenettes from Midnight Knitter:

I have yet to figure out how to get one of those nifty progress bars I see on a lot of knitting blogs. I WANT!! Comments anyone? But here's what I'm working/planning on:

Blackberry, from - I'm about to cast on the first sleeve. I have the back and front pieces done. Pics coming soon. I'm using Lion Brand Jiffy in Country Green. I'm no yarn snob. I'm following the Craftster KAL

After that, I'm planning a day flower scarf for my lovely mother-in-law in LB Wool-Ease.

Then I'm hoping to knit some warm stuff for the Rescue Mission, hopefully in time for Christmas.

So, what's ado today... I'm going to a craft fair at a local catholic high school to see what's up and get some info. I've been pondering the whole craft fair thing. But I have a lot of questions. Plus, maybe I'll pick up some cool stuff. Mr. V wants some home-baked goods so he will be accompanying me (what a sweetie).

A lot of people I've met who've gone to catholic schools now have a fear/hatred of nuns. Is that true?


Jacob said...

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Karin said...

Sorry you got spammed! If you turn on word verification in your comments it won't happen again.
My name's Karin, I live in CHicago--born and raised in the Rochester NY area, not far from you. My family still lives there. I knit obsessively too.
Here is a link with instructions for those little sidebar thingys:

crazycatladymel said...

re: catholic school & nuns - I went to a Baptist school and have a thing against cheesy ministers. If the experience isn't great, I can see how you'd recoil from whatever you associate with it.

I'm Melissa, aka crazycatladymel, from Craftster, and I'm subscribing now (via Bloglines). Welcome to the cult of the knitting blog.

Sally Sue said...

I go to a Catholic high school, but we don't really have any nun teachers. A lot of kids come out hating the Catholic religion, though.
I wish we had cool stuff like a craft fair.