Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blackberry and Nuns

Well I cast on the sleeves for my blackberry yesterday and decided after much deliberation that I will include the bobbles. I'm still a little wary because mine kind of look like boobs with nipples. They're not really pretty. But maybe they'll get better as I progress. Cabling is going alright. These aren't too pretty either, but overall it's coming along damn well. Check it!

The color is about right (on my comp). It's called country green, but it's more like a muted teal?!

The craft fair at the catholic school was cool. Mr.V and I were very surprised on the number of crafter's there. And a lot of people had some really creative things to sell. The pricing was surpsingly low. I kept thinking they could charge a lot more. But, it's just a local thing and I guess people won't want to pay too much. I think I could do the craft fair thing as long as I sell things that aren't hats, mitts, and scarves. That's ok. I have lot of ideas *rubbing hands diabolically*

Sadly, I saw no nuns or priests (weird). I saw a picture of Bishop though.

Karin- thanks for anti-spam help and the sidebar link- Mwahh!

CrazyCat & Sally Sue- Fortunately I was spared the trauma of catholic/christian school, but a lot of my friends weren't. Cheesy ministers scare me anyway. Craft fair would be a great way to raise some money for your school, Sally Sue (think community service credit). If you fill 1oo tables for $20 each, that's $2,000 right there. Then you can run a bake sale, food stand, or sell some of your school merchandise to raise more. Can we say senior trip money?


crazycatladymel said...

One thing the school has to keep in mind (if they want to do the show more than once) is that they must advertise & get people in to look at the stuff. I don't do craft shows because the small ones I could afford a table at have almost no turn out (usually because no one knows the show exists).

But I agree -- if a school was in a neighborhood and got some turn out, they could make a couple of grand from the table rentals, plus have a couple of school-sponsored tables. People that crafted but didn't want to do a table could donate an item or two directly to the school.

Karin said...

I went to a craft fair this weekend too--it was pretty cool. I can't imagine ever entering one though, I like keeping my knits :).
Your blackberry looks pretty cool so far.

Karin said...

RYN--thanks for the note! I am glad to know we are not the only couple like that! I've been doing the city living thing a lot longer than he has--he doesn't really get that you can live close to a bad part of town, yet still be in a safe neighborhood.