Monday, November 07, 2005

So, a skein of Red Heart Supersaver Multi-Colored found its way into my stash. It's pretty itchy feeling and the colorway isn't the prettiest. But it's grown on me, and you can softened yucky acrylic by washing and drying with fabric softener. It works, really. Not soft like cashmere but better. So, what did I make with this funky yarn? Funky accessories, der! Observe: 1 pair of mittenettes (fingerless gloves) from Midnight Knitter, 1 Edgar scarf from Knitty, and 1 belt (my very first original design):

I love the mittenettes, I love them whole bunches. They're very convenient because I can actually function without taking them off. Convenient. The Edgar scarf was fun to knit because you do the shaping in the middle on the scarf (nerd alert!). The belt, well, it should be a little thinner and it rolls a bit, but other than that... me likes. *pats self on back* What do you think?

Blackberry is progressing, however I now have concluded that BOBBLES ARE THE DEVIL!!

PS- I watched "The Merchant of Venice" last night. Quality movie. Can you ever go wrong with Shakespeare?


Karin said...

Cute set. Thanks for the tip about fabric softener!

Faith said...

Hi, I've started knitting up Edgar, and I can't seem to figure out what method of Casting On I'm supposed to use for the increases. What did you do?

Your accessory set is really cute!