Friday, November 11, 2005

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Let me start off by saying that the original version of this movie starring Gene Wilder is one of my favorite movies from childhood. I still enjoy watching that version, even today. But from the perspective of today's youth that version is understandably going to seem dated and hokey. It screams 70's. So I understand the reasoning behind Tim Burton's update just recently released on DVD. I thought this version was entertaining in its dark humor and psychadelic setting. I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan so I loved his take on the character of Willy Wonka. He took that character and made it very much his own. Very Johnny.

However, I think I still prefer Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka better. Gene Wilder's WW was eccentric. Johnny's is just plain weird (goofy, I might say). Either way, this version will probably become a classic for today's generation. And it's a welcome change from all that fluffiness in most children's movies today.

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Winter said...

I must admit, I really liked the modern version of the movie more than the old one, and I'm one of those people that tends to likefirst things best. But I felt that the new one stuck more closely to the feel of the book than the older one did. Well, except for a lot of Wonka's character, alas. I dunno where the got the idea of the psycho dentist father, but really, I thought that was throwing too much on the fire, so to speak. People don't always need a dark and sinister past as an excuse to be eccentric in the present.