Thursday, November 10, 2005

Confession of An Imperfect Knitter #1

So I've decided to confess something I was holding back from everyone. I pretended that all was well with Blackberry sleeve #1. But this is a lie. I confess. I am an imperfect knitter. Take a look:

Notice anything? Take another look, I'll wait.

My cable set is a bit far to the left. It's really noticeable when you look at the cap of the sleeve. Notice anything else? The fifth cable up is a wee bit bigger than the others.

Here starts my confessions in imperfecting knitting. Now, will I frog it and start over? HELL, NO!!! Will anyone really care when it's all said and done? I know I won't. That's all that matters.
Here's another progress pic for those in the KAL

Ciao, suckas!!

1 comment:

Karin said...

It won't be noticeable as long as it fits. I am sure it'll look great!