Friday, November 11, 2005

All In the Family

I talked to my Mum the other day and I found out something really cool. My mom's done craft shows. Her and her b/f (who does woodworking) did a show a while back and plan to do more. My mom is crocheter and has been for years. That's so cool!! So we were chatting a bit about what kinds of things to make and pricing and what not. She sells lap-blankets (?) for between $30-50. The whole thing gave me warm fuzzies. She's going to teach me some crocheting techniques (take two on that she showed me once when I was younger, didn't have the mind for it then) when I visit over Thanksgiving. I might try and get a pic of us crafting together. How cute! (ok, try not to puke).

I'm resisting the urge to jump into the Dayflower Scarf before Blackberry is done. I'm kind of on a "one project at a time" policy. But I might be breaking that policy so stayed tune.

Goal for this weekend: finish Blackberry. Me: the little knitter that could. ^.^

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Winter said...

I always knew my mother was a fairly crafty person. She used to knit a lot, and love to do cross-stitch embroidery. My mother's sister makes faberge eggs, does fancy beadwork, and god only knows what else she's done over the years. Apparently my maternal grandmother was a knitter and crocheter, too. I guess me getting into knitting was just playing right into my bloodline!