Monday, October 08, 2007

What to Do with All that Leftover Yarn

2007 -the year of the stashbuster- has not been the success I was hoping it would be. I have matured as a knitter, and therefore, my taste in yarns has matured. I'm not saying I'm a yarn snob or anything, but I've finally realized that cheap acrylics are NOT suitable for every project. But my stash you see, it's not cooperating.

Just what in the hell am I going to do with these large skeins of boucle, LB Homespun, and other acrylic remnants?? Will I ever again experience the fun of acquiring new yarn??

Finally, my DH (probably tired of my wining, bitching, and fretting) offered a solution: make a big-ass patchwork blanket.

"Whip out your stitch books and make up a square of some fancy stitch or try a new technique. Have fun with it." He said.

Too which I reply, impishly: "But, but... my yarn is all different weights. How do I make the squares all the same size?"

To which he replies, as cool as ever: "Just make the squares however big or small you want and work it out when you're ready to assemble it."

Ah, epiphany. The clouds separated and beams of light shone into our apartment. (Ok, not really)

My husband is not a knitter. But he is the Master of Perspective and Intuition. How cool is that? What would I do without him? Probably continue to acquire cheap acrylic boucle which get stuffed into plastic containers which I hide under my bed chanting "I'll find something for this yarn. I just know I will."

No more. That's the old me. And now since I've solved my stash problem (or rather my husband solved it for me). I can acquire new yarn!!!

It's already on it's way.

Sock yarn for two Christmas gift-knits. Now I must go stalk my postman...

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