Friday, October 12, 2007

Another New Look

It's Friday night and I've been updating my blog while streaming Regina Spektor Live at the 9:30 Club.

Bars? Clubs? No thank you. I'd rather blog about knitting.

I decided to upgrade my template to the customizable blogger formats. I wish I did this earlier. This is way easier than trying to learn HTML and editing the template through the code. Really, I'm not a programmer nor do I want to be. I picked one of the "Minima" templates and then customized away. EVERYTHING was easier. You can rearrange elements by just clicking and dragging. I was able to add my banner, no problem. Changing fonts and colors? No problem. If you use blogger and want to customize, I highly suggest going this route. Now before you start thinking that Blogger is paying me, onto some knitting content:

Well there's not much, really. I'm waiting for my Knitpicks order consisting of two skeins of coral blue Essentials sock yarn and two balls of burgundy Essentials. These are not for me, but for xmas gift knits. My inlaws have decided that they want to do a handmade xmas, which is ok by me. As I said before, handknit socks make great gifts. You can't go wrong.

The coral blue yarn will be Cookie A's Pomatomus socks. I'm not sure about the burgundy yarn, I'm thinking perhaps the Floral Lace Anklets from Lace Style.

I just got the book from the library and I really like it so far. Scarf Style and Wrap Style were really good too. I've got some craft swap projects to post, but I want to wait until my partner gets the package before I post. I had my first felting experience recently and of course I've got pictures.

I've got tickets to the Tori Amos concert at the Landmark tomorrow night. She's my all time favorite. I've been a fan for years, but she's never toured close enough for me to see her. I'm glad she decided to swing upstate.

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