Friday, August 03, 2007

Links and Excuses

I’m always busier during the summer. My free time is normally spent being social (which isn’t a regular thing for me) or traveling. The husbeast and I normally plan for one “big vacation” and a couple smaller day trips, events, or 3-day weekends. Since there is no evil snow in site, this time of year also brings the family up for visits (we live in central NY, most of our family is in PA). We’ve had a lovely time with my SIL and 3 year old niece last week (they’re actually from NC). My mother is planning a visit in late August. My Dad will probably squeeze some time in before then end of summer, I’m sure. My MIL is coming along on our Montreal adventure (this is the “big” vacation). (btw- anyone have any Montreal tips?)

What’s the point of all this rambling? Well, I just haven’t been knitting a lot. Summertime is just one long distraction. And it’s not that I don’t have visions of purls dancing in my head. The only clear progress I’ve made recently is I finally weaved in the ends for my pile o’ dishcloths. And I took back my vow to not frog the Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties. I gave up, it’s just not flattering. Once again, I have proven my lack of perspective when it comes to clothes and my body type. Will I ever learn? History says no.

I will have some pictures soon, but not in this post so you can stop wondering already.

But I do have some links for things I’ve been perusing (knitting and non-knitting related):

- Previews, previews, and more previews. Fall is around the corner and the knit mag previews are up. Freebie lovers will enjoy Vogue Knitting’s array of free patterns. I’m glad to see they’ve finally jumped on the free web pattern bandwagon. (really VK, there’s no need to be stingy). I like some of the offerings, but VK is just too trendy for my tastes. IK and Knitscene’s are up, too.

- Is anyone else in awe of Norah Gaughan? She makes the loveliest patterns, and once again she has taken the cover of IK. She shall now be referred to as the Gaughanater. Oh why did I let my subscription run out?

- Damn you Wii for stealing (some of) my precious knitting time!

- I’m already planning the Cropped Cardigan's re-incarnation. And I’ll finally be able to use my Sweater Design in Plain English Book that’s been hanging out since last Christmas.

- Environmentally conscious? Worry about toxic shock syndrome? Hate lugging around feminine hygiene products? Here’s something just for you ;) The Diva Cup. Don’t ask, see for yourself.


Erin said...

I've heard about those Diva Cup things... why they call them Diva Cups I'll never know. I'm a bit intrigued, it's definitely playing to the environmentalist in me!

Hey, and I know what you mean about the summer. It's just too gorgeous outside to want to knit too much! Except yesterday, yesterday was just too hot!!!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Ewww the cup thing! There was a review in a magazine once. It warned about removal of said cup and risk of what I can only refer to as spillage... Yuck, tmi to be honest, even in reviews!

Cathy said...

Yeah, Diva Cup seems like some cheesy marketing to me. I have to say, the biggest appeal to me is the environmental aspect. I ordered one and I should be here soon. I'm pretty interested to see how it works.

Bry- I had the same "TMI" reaction when I first heard about it, too. When I read reviews I didn't hear too much about spillage, but there seems to be something of a learning curve when trying to insert it. ;)