Saturday, July 21, 2007

Katja from Knitty

So I wanted to be better about posting, but you know, once summer comes around and even I (the homebody that I am) have other things on my mind. But that doesn't mean I'm not knitting. No, siree!

In preparation for the arrival of my SIL and her 3 year old daughter from North Carolina this week, I made a kiddie-sized FO.

It's Katja from Knitty. Ah, if only I could wear such a cute summer halter! But I'm one of those types that has to wear a bra with EVERYTHING. Strapless ones just don't cut it since they seem to highlight gravity's effect on the jumblies. But when you're three you don't have such worries. I made it with some cotton yarn I had in my stash (yeah, stashbuster!). I don't know what brand it is because I bought about a pound of it at an AC Moore in Canada for about 5 bucks. It was stuffed in a plastic bag marked "factory mill ends, 100% cotton", not the best for garments imo. At least not grown-up size ones. I still have several skeins left, which I've been eating up by making dishclothes. Lots. of. dishclothes. But that's another post.

Hmm... back to Katja, well it's a fun quick knit that only took me about two evenings to complete. I kind of did my own thing with the body since my row gauge didn't match up quite well. Actually, the st gauge didn't match up either. I knit this with worsted weight yarn on size 6 needles (in the round) and still couldn't get the gauge. So I worked out the numbers and decided if I made the 12 month size instead of the 24 month size, it should work out. And it did, sort of. It still seems a bit big for a 2T (she wears a 2T even though she's three, she's teeny). So I added some elastic to the back. It'll probably shrink a little once it's washed, assuming she uses a "washer/dryer of death" like we do.

Next up: the pile o' dishclothes, reverting back to Frog status, and why knitting from my stash is starting to get old.

Stay tuned.

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Erin said...

That halter is so adorable. You're going to have to take a picture of her wearing!