Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Cheek on the Saddle

First knitting news: *sounds of trumpets*

I joined! Have you? Click here to learn more. Thanks to Bryony and Erin for alerting me to the existence of such a fun event! It's perfect timing too since I was planning on gift-knitting Baudelaire socks for my stepmom soon. This will be my Socktoberfest project. I'm looking forward to it. I love knitting socks. I love knitting socks for other people. I'm pretty much convinced that socks are the best knitted gift EVER! My mom raves about them and now my MIL does too. She loved her b-day socks! And she said the fit was perfect so that's a relief. In conclusion: socks are awesome so join Socktoberfest and knit some socks!


Moving is pretty much over. THANK GOD! We did the U-Haul portion of the trip last night and my arms are quite sore. I had to stop and take breaks when we were moving our loveseat. My hands kept slipping on the leather (alright, pleather) and my arms were going limp in protest. Of course, out of the corner of my eye I see a pair of people in the distance looking in our direction. >.<>

Remember those chairs I said I would redo? I finished those and will be pictures posted ASAP. Also, I dumped Trellis. I was just going to take me too long. The cabling slows things down a bit. So I started experimenting with colorwork (how does it go: huzzah?) so I'm making something else for baby Zoe. What it is just yet, I'm not sure. But I'll post pics soon. I also have to make some curtains for our new, rather large windows. Eek, sewing!



Bryony said...

Woohoo! Welcome to some hot sock lurrrrve :D

ErLeCa said...

Congrats on getting all moved in. Now comes the really fun part... unpacking! (I'm being totally sarcastic by the way) I've definitely been there and don't wish to repeat it until it's absolutely necessary!

I can't wait till October starts so I can see what everyone's up to, especially your socks!