Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ms Sniffles

Argh, so I've been sick this past weekend and I actually took a rare sick day from work yesterday. I'm not sick very often so when I am I'm always reminded of how much it sucks (damn you, microscopic germs >.<). I've also been reminded that sleep quality is directly related to your ability to breathe through your nose (stupid mucus). On the cute side, Mr.V has dubbed me "Sniffles" and has taken to adding his own fake sniffles to match my own, all in good fun of course. Humor helps. Anway, enough of this pitty-party. I've actually been a bit productive this weekend, considering. First, I finished my MIL's sock. This time it's the right size.

Sock second attempt

I've started the second one and I'm hoping to be done with it this Friday so I can mail it out. That'll be quite ahead of schedule, but starting next Monday we'll be moving our stuff over to our new place I don't think I'll have a lot of time for knitting or blogging. Especially, deadline knitting. But I knit a good bit of the second sock yesterday so I think I'll have no problem finishing by Friday.

I've also started a non-knitting project. I have a pair of old wooden chairs that my Dad gave me. I've had them for about 2 years now with the intention of re-finishing them and putting them to use. I was afraid these would be destined to live in the basement with the troll, but now I actually have a use for them in our new place. We actually have a private balcony where we're going, and it faces something that we don't mind looking at: trees!

So I plan on making these chairs our balcony chairs. I have the one chair sanded down and ready to stain already. We're hoping to eventually find a little table that we could touch-up and put out on the balcony as well. As far as knitting goes. After the socks are complete I'm going to continue with the gift knits, except these will be christmas gifts. I'm not knitting everyone something for Christmas, because in all honesty I'll go freaking insane. No. thank. you. Instead, I've decided to pick a person who hasn't received a knitted object from me yet and another person (or mini-person) who is just too small to care what she's wearing, thus, choosing what to knit is really easy.

- Knitty's Trellis for my niece Zoe
- Knitty's Baudelaire for my stepmom

I'm starting Trellis next so I can give myself a break from sock knitting. Not that I don't like knitting socks, I'm just the kind of person who likes variety. Other than that I probably won't be blogging much until after we're moved. :)

PS- Have you seen the new Knitty, yet? If you haven't do it NOW! I really like Viveka and the assortment of cute socks!


Karin said...

Try some of those Cold-Eeze lozenges. They help me when I'm sick.

I don't usually like socks, but I really like the two needle socks and the herringbone ones from this issue. I don't see me making any of the other patterns though but I am excited to see other's FOs from this issue.

Cathy said...

I used Cold-Eeze in a while. I'll try those next time. Sometimes popping pills just doesn't work.

ErLeCa said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I'm totally with you, I only get sick once, maybe twice a year, so when it hits me, it hits pretty bad. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! What yarn are you going to use to knit Trellis?