Wednesday, August 09, 2006

WIPs and Reads

Ok, here is some knitting content as promised.

This what I've been working on lately. It's the umbrella cozy I keep talking about. It's not quite finished yet, but I figured I'd share it since I think it's fun to make this site slower by adding yet another pointless picture(bwah-ha-ha). All I have to do is finish the strap and I'm done. Yippee!

What exactly is an Umbrella Cozy, you ask? Well, it wraps your umbrella in knitted goodness and since it has a strap you can sling that bad boy on your back and you're good to go. This idea came about from scanning the umbrella rack at Wal-mart in search of a more travel-friendly umbrella. But you see, they're all freaking small and uber-flimsy. I like my big, heavy umbrella. But it's heavy and has no strap, not even an ergonomical handle. My umbrella was crying out for a knitted accessory! So I grabbed some inspiration from the Yoga Mat Bag in SnbN and started knitting. I'm kind of liking how this is turning out so I think I'll post a pattern when all is said and done.

In other news I checked out two knitting books from the library yesterday. These will be great reads while I'm laying on the beach in Rockport, MA next Monday:

Fair Isle Knitting by Sarah Don: This is copyrighted 1979 and is comically outdated as far as the patterns go. But what attracted me to this book was the 20 pages or so of fair isle motif samples. Well, that's pretty cool. So all I have to do now is actually learn how to knit fair isle.

The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee: I've heard this pretty good for helping you design your own sweaters. We'll se what it has to offer.

Umbrella Cozy pattern coming soon. Also, the Boston Knit-a-thon!


Karin said...

I am thinking of making the telemark fair isle sweater from knitpicks. That book sounds really cool!

ErLeCa said...

That's an awesome idea, especially since you like your umbrellas to be big. You're so creative!

Anonymous said...

I have the book The Sweater Workshop by J. Fee if you ever want to borrow it for an extended period of time.