Thursday, July 20, 2006


Don't tell Mr. V, I just bought MORE yarn. Well, not that I really need to keep it a secret. I'm not afraid to tell him or anything (not that it'll be secret for much longer), but even he's been noticing the large amounts of yarn laying idle in my craft area. My stash has quickly outgrown it's plastic container and is now overflowing into shopping bags (note to self: purchase more plastic containers). Now, my stash isn't exactly large by most knitter's standards. I'm normally pretty good about buying yarn when I actually have a project planned. Normally.

But I've found that stashing just CANNOT be avoided under the following circumstances:

1. Loving family members give you random balls of yarn as gifts. They don't realize that buying one ball of yarn in one color limits the project possibilities greatly, but they're heart is in the right place and you appreciate the thought. Plus, you have something to fondle while trying to figure out what exactly to knit with it.

2. Evil on-line yarn stores (*cough-knitpicks-cough*) offer free shipping after spending X amount of money. Even though you realize that spending more to get free shipping doesn't really save you money (unless you're buying really expensive yarn *cough-noro*) you still frantically search the site for yarn that you will "probably, certainly, most definately" use in the future.

3. Yarn sellers discount yarn to such a ridiculously low price that you feel you MUST buy it because it will never again be in your grasp. Again, it forces you to buy yarn for some glorious mystery project ("I'll find something to knit it with, really!"). I almost fell victim to this earlier today (damn you Herrschner's !!)

Wait! Actually I did eventually fall victim to this. But in the end, it only cost me $3. I found an awesome Ebay store where I got a 10pack of Bernat Cotton for $5 (which I'm planning to knit Licorice Whip with) and a 3 Pack of Bernat So-Soft for $3 (this is stash enhancing purschase, I'll use it really!). I actually made sure to read the auction a couple times to make sure I was reading it right. They say they sell discontinued items and overstock and that they're an actual yarnstore located in Nebraska. And for once, the shipping costs didn't make me want to commit manslaughter. Here's the link to the store: check them out. NOW!

Sundress and Tank top are coming along. Sundress will finished first though. Perhaps tonight. I was hoping for earlier, but well, me and sewing don't get a long very well. I had a little mishap that required some back-tracking. >.< God, I love knitting!

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