Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh, crap! Mother's Day!

Knitting plans are forever changing here at ESK (I love abbreviations-so “official”). I was hoping to transition from the Jaywalkers, which are steadily moving towards completion, to either the Anthro-Capelet or the Tie-Cropped Cardigan from Knitpicks. But then I realized something: Mother’s Day is fast approaching (fyi-May 14, about 3 weeks from now). What do I do? Do I cheat and buy her something she doesn’t need, or worse, something I’ve already bought her? (I hate being a repetitive gifter) Or do I give her something handmade, especially for her?


But what do I knit for her in less than 3 weeks time? Hmmm…. After pondering this through most of the weekend I realized the logical thing to do would be to ask. Turns out she would like some more socks. She really likes the Rapunzel Socks from (see side bar) that I made her a few months ago. Easy enough and completely do-able in 3 weeks time.

maybe Mom would like those shoes too...?

I decided to make the Hedera socks from the current Knitty. They’re lacey, and paired with sky blue yarn, should be the perfect spring sock. I hope she likes them. Cross your fingers for me cuz this one’s gonna run down to the wire (can we say Priority Shipping on May 12?). So it looks like the Jaywalkers are going to have to fill my Spring-Summer knitting needs for a few more weeks. Just when I thought I could be a selfish knitter again. >.>

So many holidays, so little time. I don’t even want to think about Father’s Day. EEK!

Is anyone else knitting for Mother’s Day? Cough it up! Who’s knitting what?


Emma said...

Those will be pretty in sky blue. hope Mom enjoys!

Bee said...

Those are going to be lovely! Great idea -- your mom's so lucky!

I'm making my mom a Branching Out scarf (originally intended for Christmas) out of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport in either navy blue or burgundy.

lexer said...

I didn't do mother's day, but I did her birthday, which isn't too long before. I was only 3 days late on the bag i made her, yay!

Good luck with your socks - sky blue sounds like a great color choice.

Karin said...

I like the lace on those socks!

I am not knitting for mother's day, I am buying her a cookbook and the DVDs of Knots Landing.