Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Precious!

Sock Yarn! For your yarn craving pleasure!

An orgy of fiber (via! (really, I just wanted to capture their brilliant packing capabilities. man was that yarn squished together. It kind of reminds me of those three bad guys from the superman movie. you know, how they got trapped in that glass, and they were like "let me out, let me out" as they were floating through space... anyways.)

And my lovelies set free. Free at last.

You better believe they experienced a lot of fondling by my naughty hands (sorry about the blanket in the background, it's kind of distracting). Last night I sat down and gauged for the infamous Jaywalker sock by Grumperina (i'm sure you don't need a link) using the green multi-colored yarn on the bottom left. I had to get used to dpns again, but it didn't take long. Soon I will CO. But first I must work on my Princess Bride stuff and sew another row of the Mountain Laurel Blanket. I'm tucking the Ballet Wrap Cardi away for now. I'll whip it out when knitting demands have slowed a bit. I'm in no hurry. Spring is here and there's no reason to rush since it'll be too warm. Oh well. I also got a "Dye Your Own" skein and I'll be picking up some rad Kool-Aid colors at the grocery store today.

Tomorrow is food porn. I'm thinking some cinnamon rolls. And not from the tube. See you tomorrow.


Bee said...

Hurrah for sock yarn! You're going to have so much fun with the Jaywalker sock pattern -- it's probably my favorite sock pattern of all time.

Karin said...

Wow you really went to town I see! Can't wait to see the dye job.