Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday? No, It's Monday!

Well, I said I would post about my cookie baking adventures on Monday... it's now Wedne.. No it's Monday (you are getting very sleepy).

Once again, my posting time kept getting filled with errands, movies, appointments, and all that hoo-hah. I can't wait until this weekend: Just me, Mr.V, christmas dinner and dessert, and a some knitting. Lots of knitting. I haven't even cast on for Kate (from knitty) yet. Hourglass is inching along, and I think I'm getting the stockinette-blues. I need some moss stitch, RIBBING, YO's, SOMETHING. Really, it's not that bad. But I'm not projecting that I'll be finishing Hourglass anytime soon.

But on to the cookies! I made three kinds like planned for my co-workers: sugar cut-outs, pb blossoms, and chocolate pb chip. They all turned out pretty good. My sugar cookies always turn out more like mini-cakes than cookies, though. Why is that, do you suppose? I like the chewy, soft (buttery) sugar cookies. But anyways, I ended up with about 4 dozen each (we ate a few. you know, to make sure they're ok). Then, we dashed to the dollar store to find suitable containers for these confectionary delights. Mr. V spotted these cute little christmas bags while I was looking at cheapo plastic bins. His choice worked out much better. (thanks, mr.V)

A fold here, a stick-on bow there, and I had very cute office gifts. I handed them out already and everyone seemed really excited (cookies seem to have that effect on people, I guess). Baking is my thing when it comes to food. I always had a sweet-tooth. *grins, toothlessly*

So, Mr. V and I are out and about again tonight for some last minute shopping. We'll be splitting up. Mr. V to Joann's. Me to Target. Hmm... I wonder what santa will get me?

I already know of one of my presents: a one year subscription to Interweave Knits. Yeah! I've been drooling over the wrap sweater on the cover of their latest issue. Can't wait! No more National Geographic for me. *screw you, educational reads*


Karin said...

Those bags are cute! I always wait until Dec 26, then I go out and stock up on all the Christmas junk that didn't get sold and is then 80% off and stuff.

Anonymous said...

The gift bags are darling. Such a cute idea for your coworkers.

I haven't even finished shopping for my family, so I guess my coworkers aren't getting anything!

ErLeCa said...

So cute with the cookies in the gift bags! I wish I had time for something like that, but unfortunately packing and moving doesn't exactly allow for a whole heck of a lot of time. Enjoy your Christmas!