Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays to You!

It's Christmas Eve morning, and I am in day two of my extended holiday weekend. Not much going on right now, and that's perfectly alright. Didn't do too much yesterday either: napped, watched some shows, knit, read (Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen). Later on in the evening we went grocery shopping, which wasn't that bad. I was feeling like I wanted to be "out", so we unloaded the groceries and went to the mall.

Yes, the mall on the Friday night before Christmas. It wasn't that crazy really. We really didn't need anything, but once we got in there Mr. V asked if I wanted to look for running shoes. Hmmm... yes, please! Our vision was then focused on one thing last night: running shoes. I spotted a comfy and affordable pair of Avia's at the shoe haven DSW, our first stop. They were reasonable, but me being the die-hard bargain knew I could do better. So we hit every shoe store in the mall. Unfortunately, my shoes weren't made by Nike, Adidas, or New Balance, so I couldn't find another store that carried them let alone one that selling them for cheaper. (and I noticed at those sport shops with the really loud annoying music, you know the ones with the shoes displayed on the wall, the ones that sell $150 sneakers that will never actually be used in athletic endevours-these store's so-called running shoe collections amounted to 18 pairs of the same shoe but in different colors). So passing DSW on our way out, I had a decision to make. And one fake-out later I was standing in line to pay for a new pair of running shoes.

I told Mr. V while in line that he must know that I'm going to be walking around the house all weekend in them. To which he replied that I can't, not until Christmas. The sneakers are still in the box, in the bag, under the tree. Torture just thinking about it. Love you, Mr. V

Enough of the senseless babbling. In knitting news, I started Kate from Knitty which I'm making from leftover wool-ease. What a fun knit. I have the lower body stuffed already, and next I'll be embroidering the eyes and mouth. Cute! I'll admit she's not the most anatomically correct cat, but I love her nonetheless. The Hourglass Sweater is still laying, neglected in the other room.

I have to say, I'm really liking this "no traveling during Christmas thing". So relaxing. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday whatever their plans. And a safe one as well.

So my fellow yarn whores, have you been naughty or nice? I'll guess we'll know tomorrow morning.


Karin said...

Enjoy your weekend and your new running shoes!

Winter said...

Well, if you judge by the $400 iPod I got for Christmas, I was very nice this year! However, no knitting stuff, so that may balance out the naughty/nice values somewhat. :p

Anonymous said...

I was naughty!