Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Holidays 2007

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were enjoyable. Do you do the New Year's resolution thing? I admit I do the New Years Resolution thing and I have about as much success with them as everyone else.

Last year's resolution was to start and consistently play the piano again. I got some new music books and fished out my old ones, so with the exception of a piano teacher, I had all the resources. I kept it up for about a month. I blame this failure solely on the class I was taking and the constant distraction of knitting. Piano playing has now been relegated to the list of "things to do when I win the lottery and quit my job" OR, more realistically "things to do when I retire".

What's my resolution this year? Well, I have one, but I'm a little shy about it. It'll be a difficult one, but I'm telling myself all I have to do is make real effort at it, not necessarily be successful at it.

So anyway. The Poseidon socks and Floral Lace Anklets have been officially gifted. My MIL and SIL seemed to like them a lot. My MIL put her's over her tights and wore them the rest of the day. I guess that's a good sign.

Gifted Poseidon (1)

Gifted Poseidon

Gifted Floral Lace Anklets

The Poseidon Socks pattern can be found here for free. The Floral Lace Anklets are from the Lace Style book from Interweave Press.

My Vinnland Socks are finished finally. After I opened up all my yarn for Christmas the socks didn't seem very interesting anymore. So as my last knitting act of 2007 I knit the last few pattern repeats of the Vinnland socks like my life depended on it. Now it's time for Flicca.

And I have a running list of pictures I want to take and post, but I'm not making any promises. I haven't been very passionate about blogging. But I will at least keep Ravelry updated (my Ravelry name = Tookish). Perhaps being more committed to blogging should have been my New Year's Resolution.

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Anonymous said...

I love my socks! Look my feet are on the internet! I'm not a sock person - but these socks are beautiful! And comfortable and very warm! Thank you Cathy for your wonderful gift this Christmas ... it was a huge hit! And if you do make that pair for Joyce - I know she will wear them and appreciate them being that she makes handmade gifts all the time and can appreciate the true time and effort it takes to make something. It was great seeing you again! And Jasmine knows your name now and gets excited when someone says Cathy - she gasps and repeats your name and her eyes get real big. I'm glad you and husbeast are her GodParents. I think it's a good fit. WK