Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sneak a Peek at an FO While I Ramble On Incessantly


I finished part 1 of the Floral Lace Anklets on Saturday, as predicted, but I never got around to taking a picture before it got dark out. I'm a true believer that natural light is ideal for taking photographs. But it's been pretty overcast these passed two days and combined with the fact that our apartment doesn't get very good light, I postponed pictures again. BUT, today seems to be pretty nice outside. So alas, a picture! I'd like to put off a full-blown show-and-tell until I'm finished with the pair. But here's a sneak peek for now:

As these are intended to be a x-mas gift I don't want to post a pic directly on the blog. So here's a link to view the picture. WK DO NOT CLICK!!!

I friggin love this color. I was so excited to CO because I knew that these would be one of my first successful FO in a while. Trying to design my own sweaters has proven to be frustrating. I'm thinking I need a little more practice with actually completing sweaters from patterns before I can start having success designing my own.

Anyways, the yarn is Knitpicks Essentials. This Essentials yarn seems softer than other balls of Essentials I bought over a year ago. Has anyone noticed this? I'm not sure when or if there was a change in their manufacturing, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Going back to the sunlight issues I have: I'm thinking of following this tutorial from Lolly and make myself a photo-box. I'll pretty much only have to purchase some poster board. Most other materials already have in my possession. I'm hoping that having a photo-box will allow me take pictures no matter the time or day or level of sunshine. It's BRILLIANT!

Autumn still seems a little reluctant, but it's definately here. The colors here in NY are just beautiful. I really must get my tush out there take some pictures. I hope we don't get anymore heavy rain this week. Mum (and Co.) are coming up for a visit and Mother loves her Fall colors!

One more thing (can I ever stop rambling?), there was no Rhinebeck for me this year (well, not ever actually) but I did do something fiber related last weekend. It involved a hell of a lot of Alpacas. Post and pics coming soon.

PS - (sorry, this will never end, you're trapped here forever) I went to Mission Rose Quiltery and Knittery yesterday on the way home from work in order to brighten up an otherwise dreary day. What a CUTE place! And the yarns! OH, the yarns!! Noro, Rowan, and Debbie Bliss. OH MY! I cannot describe to you the kind of willpower required to NOT buy yarn at a place like that. So I bought needles instead. I have now become an Addi-Ho, if owning one pair of US1's counts. Now I can put my cheap US 1 dpns out their misery. DIE DPNs, DIE! All hail Magic Loop!



Erin said...

I bought some of that Essential sock yarn too (i think in that same colorway) and it is definitely softer than it used to be. I'm totally not complaining about that at all!

katiedid said...

Is that Hollyberry? I looooove that color. And yes, the Essentials had an overhaul, hmm, I think it was late last year when they started expanding their yarn lines exponentially. I have a pair of socks on right now with the old stuff and it's definitely scratchier.