Saturday, September 22, 2007

Summer is still here

Oh how time flies. It's supposed by 85 ºF today and that means that summer is still here. Why? Iunno. I wish it would go. Mr. V tells me not to rush it because Fall will be but a blink and we'll be hibernating in our apartment while the snow piles up outside (ah, lake effect).

Perhaps the lingering presence of THIS summerish knit is the cosmic reason why I'm sweating my arse off 10 days before October. I apologize for the crappy pictures. It is a WIP after all. I'm hoping it will look better when it's finished. I also apologize for bitching about the weather.

What have I been doing if I haven't been acquiring clothes the old fashion way? I've been buying cute cold-weather items like this at my new favorite thrift store chain (Thrifty Shopper):

It's 100% wool and in need of a good cleaning and pressing. I'm thinking I might have to break down and actually get this dry cleaned. Handwashing has always worked for me, but I really want the black and white houndstooth to pop. Don't let my photoshop skills fool you, the white is more like light grey.

This was but one of my finds during Mr. V and I's Thrifty Store bender. We might even drive up to Oswego (about 45-50 mins) to go to their's. (yeah, we might have a problem). It's amazing how such a small thing like organizing the clothes by size and not color (cough-salvation army-cough) makes all the difference. I also think their selection of clothing is better, but that really depends on the location. I've also been hitting up the clearance racks in the regular stores since they're making room for their fall and winter stuff. Needless to say, my wardrobe has increased dramatically, but my wallet has only decreased a little. I like that.

I like thrift stores.

Mmmm... thrifty shopper.

When I'm not thrifty shopping, I've been playing Animal Crossing Wild World on the DS. Who would have thought that paying off mortgages, buying your neighbors medicine, fishing, and watering flowers (because they WILL wither and die) would be so damn interesting? I can design my own clothes, too. Does that count as crafting?

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Erin said...

It's totally still summer here... though the leaves are starting to change slightly...