Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's a Knittah to Do?

I was going to frog my self-designed tank, but I'm really not in the friggin' mood. I'm so tired of ripping and re-knitting the same thing over and over. I needed a new, smaller project. My mom's birthday is coming up in early October and I finally found a hooded scarf pattern that would be perfect for her. It's the Hoodie Scarf from D-Made. My mom requested one of these because she hates hats (since she styles her hair, unlike myself), but the winter chill is just too much to go without any insulation sometimes. She requested this last winter, but I couldn't find a pattern and I wasn't particularly inspired (or confident) to create my own. I CO for this the other night and I'm moving along nicely although the scarf part is kind of boring. But once I get to the hood part things should liven up a bit. I'm starting pretty early, but that's ok. I hate having to knit things at the last minute and feel rushed. Plus, my mom is visiting in late Sept so I want to give it to her then. PLUS, come mid-Sept Mr.V and I will be moving so I won't have time to fool around with last minute gifts. Plus, - just kidding. I'm done rambling.

I'm making it with some navy blue Bernat SoSoft acrylic that I have in my stash. So far, it's turning out alright, except that it's bunching up a good bit because of the cable and the ribbing. I'm hoping a run through the washer and dryer will help relax the acrylic because, of course, blocking is out of the question. Other than that...

Oh yeah, question: I need some project ideas that would be good for a 4 1/2 year old boy. I could go the stuffie route, but I've kind of done that already. I thought maybe a cool scarf or hat. He likes trains. I mean really likes trains. I don't know if I want to knit him a sweater because that's just not any fun for him. Anyone have any ideas?


Karin said...

Oh man this would be a lot of work but how awesome would it be to have a scarf with a train running down the length of it? Like duplicate stitch it on.

Try washing the acrylic with some fabric softener. I hear that does the trick.

ErLeCa said...

Your mom's going to love that hoodie scarf. It's actually a pretty cool idea and I can see why she'd like it.

As far as a pattern for a 4.5 year old, why don't you make him some fingerless gloves with a flap to cover the fingers and have the flap have a train pattern on it. Just an idea. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to knit the little guy. However, if you do decide to knit a sweater, the Wonderful Wallaby sweater is cute for kids. My nephews and nieces love it!