Sunday, July 30, 2006

Trial and Error Tank

Ok, so that self-designed tank top is finally finished. It's not bad. But I think there a few things I might change.

Trial and Error Tank

1. The straps roll (due to the St st) and my first attempt at blocking didn't help. Bugger! >.< So I'm afraid I might have to add some kind of edging either knitted or crocheted to tame the rollies. But first, I'll attempt a wet block and see if that helps.

2. It could probably use a little less ease in the body and better shaping. This was a trial and error design, so I was trying it on throughout various parts in order to get the fit right. I think some better pre-planning would have helped. But, alas, I am impatient.

3. I can't decide if it's the ribbing or the ease that gives this top its "fattening factor". I definately don't want to be designing garments that make people look fat, including me. The shot above doesn't look too bad (if you look closely you can see what humdity does to my hair, yippee!). But the straight on poses were definately adding on some poundage.

So what I think I will do is go back to the drawing board and plan some adjustments. I think this will get frogged for a take 3. But I'll be taking a break and doing some other things first.

So tell me, honestly, what do you think? I'd love some constructive feedback.


Karin said...

I think it's adorable. I don't think you look fat at all in that pic. I think the ribbing helps make it shapely.

I would maybe just CO less to begin with and let the ribbing add the shaping itself?

Anonymous said...

I think it looks absolutely great! I love the ribbing.

katiedid said...

I like it! The st st rollies are never fun though but other than that I think it's a fantastic tank!

Cheryl said...

It looks great! The ribbing really makes it look slimming..not fattening. You could always do a crochet crab stitch around the armholes and neck line to stabilize the straps.

Dana said...

I agree, the ribbing is very slimming. The crochet edge should make a huge difference for the straps, I've used it myself on straps and like how it lays much better. Nice job!!

Pixiepurls said...

that is fantastic, love the color