Monday, July 03, 2006

More Stalling

Some more links of interest:

  • Knitted Wire Bracelet Tutorial- found on craftster. Super sweet! Although I’m not a big jewelry wearer, I’m a big jewelry admirer and maybe soon, a jewelry crafter.
  • Lace Leaf T-Shirt- free tutorial also found on craftster, but linked to the creator's website. Very tempting. Very cute.
  • July MagKnits- although I haven't been into any of their patterns lately. But it is nice to have new free patterns every month. The Ballet T is the most knit-worthy in my opinion, and the side-knit socks are also interesting.
  • Summer Knitty 06- which should be out any day now...

Tomorrow I have off from work so I’ll post pics of Eliza and my camping trip. Promise.

An amusing fashion tidbit: I normally read for their Fashion and Style section. I can’t take real news anymore so I read the superficial glarp that no one else admits to reading. I found this article entitled “Earth to Milan: Show a Little Restraint” by Guy Trebay (if you click, you might have to sign up first). And if you click you must absolutely view the slideshow. It’s a review of the Milan menswear collections. Don’t waste your time reading the whole article. Read this excerpt and then view the slideshow:

Say no to zippers so brief that they are an affront to the masculine anatomy (Costume National). Say no to boring minimalist blazers worn over tights that leave little doubt as to whether the wearer has been circumcised (Calvin Klein). Say no to seersucker swallowtail coats for the beach (Etro); to pastel golf wear seemingly designed for caddies with a sideline in a soft-core porn (Missoni). Say no to the unfortunate trouser length that, as the stylist L'Wren Scott remarked, now blights the streets of London.

That is exactly how I felt after looking at the pictures: Just Say No. In some cases, I squinted in order to tell whether the model was actually a man. Good grief. I’m not saying I like my men macho or anything, but I don’t want a poster boy for androgyny either. Hello! A man doesn’t have to be feminine in order to be well-dressed.

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ErLeCa said...

I hear you! Say no to terrible fashions! I really don't know what designers are thinking because, like you, I don't like my guys overly macho, but I at least like knowing they're guys!