Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Fun

Well, my summer fun activities will continue this weekend. Mr.V and I are doing a weekend camping getaway to the 1,000 Islands. You know, the wonderful cluster of islands resting where the St.Lawrence River dumps into Lake Ontario. I heard it's beautiful, and the camping is supposed to be good. Not that I would know because I have been camping exactly once in my life, and it wasn't the best experience in the world. But it wasn't because this "city grrl" isn't down with mutha nature, it was because we were at a campground that had nothing except, well, ground. It was boring. But this time I've booked a shady spot close to the St. Lawrence River at Wellesley Island State Park. It supposed to be nice, and they have stuff to do not only at the park, but at nearby Alexandria Bay, NY. Here is the itinerary:
  • Hiking
  • Swimming (as long as there is no goose poop on the beach *crosses fingers*)
  • Canoeing (can rent them on site)
  • Cooking dinner over a fire outdoors (this idea of this fascinates me, even if it is just hot dogs)
  • S'mores!
  • Tent sleeping (which isn't bad with an air mattress, again, sleeping without proper roof=fascinating)
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn, in which case we will do one of the first 3 activities again.
  • Q: Would toasting pop-tarts over a fire be a complete disaster?
  • Travel to Alexandria Bay, NY (about 10 min from park)
  • Go on 2-Nation, 2-Hour boat tour of the 1,000 Islands
  • Stop by Boldt Castle on Heart Island and ponder yet again why I am not independently wealthy. Also take lots of pictures.
  • Go Mini-Golfing
  • See other sites in Alex-Bay
I think that list looks pretty fun. Mr. V and I are excited because if we really like it than this might be "our" place to go every summer. Just like my family has "the shore" (aka: Ocean City, MD). If all goes well, next time we might stay on the Canadian-side for a little walk on the wild side. *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*

As you can see, there is no knitting on that list. But that's ok. I'm almost finished with the back part of "Eliza". Maybe I'll finish that tonight for good measure. I'll be sure to post pics of my trip and progress pics of Eliza next week.

Other activities I have planned for this summer in no particular order:
  • Harborfest
  • Boston!
  • Utica Boilermaker 15K (yeah, 15k. I'm training now with a friend from work and I have to say the heat is making me a little discouraged, but I'm trying to stay positive. Call me crazy, but I'd much rather run in 30 deg cold than 75 deg heat. But at least I can say: "yeah, I ran 9.3 miles on a hot summer's day just to see if I could." or is that really something I should brag about....?)
  • JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge (this is a 3.5 miler happening August 1 at Onondaga Lake Park and after that15 k, this should be a piece of cake. Check and see if your company is participating. It's a great event for runners and walkers alike.)
Phew! Have a good weekend everyone!


Bee said...

Let me know when you come out to Boston! I can give you tons of awesome sight-seeing stops!

Your camping trip sounds great -- but how do you think that mutha nature will mix with knitting? ;)

ErLeCa said...

That's so funny that your family's summer spot is Ocean City. I was born in MD and we used to go there all the time! Enjoy your camping, I know you'll love it! Alex Bay is a really nice town with lots of summery things to do.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going to have a great time this weekend. I've camped at Wellesley Island State Park about 12 years ago, and it is very nice and clean. I'm just not a very good camper. I camped a few times because my kids and husband enjoyed it.

Boston is one of my favorite cities. But the traffic is unreal.... so be prepared to help navigate if Mr. V is driving.

I think you are going to have a wonderful summer with those plans, and it's okay if knitting takes a backseat to everything else!! Afterall, it's summer!!!!