Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just when I feeling burnt out on deadline knits, a knitting-fairy comes along to sprinkle some motivational-fairy dust on my head (or rather, my step-mom emails me pictures of this weekend’s happenings)!

Say hello to my new niece!

She was born Friday night. There were no complications and she’s perfectly healthy. She’s actually a good size baby, too! I’ll be seeing her the first weekend in June, and I’ll be waiting anxiously to give those cheeks a proper squishing. And also play with her feet. So now I have some extra motivation to get crackin’ on the Mountatin Laurel Blanket which I will be picking up again right after I finish my Mom’s Hedera Socks (which maybe tonight *crossing fingers*).

I doctored the pic a little bit to crop out my SIL. Not that I mind her being in the picture, but she’s in hospital swag and she probably wouldn’t like me posting pics of her on the internet in her post-birthing condition. Anyway, everyone is ecstatic, my brother especially. From what he tells me Zoe’s already “daddy’s little girl”.


Emma said...

She's so cute! It even looks like she's smiling. Good luck with the blanket!

ErLeCa said...

Oh my gosh, what a little cutie! Definitely worth finishing a blanket for!

Bee said...

She's absolutely adorable!