Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Memoirs of a Knittah

Ok, I’ve been knitting since about July/August of this year. I found myself on looking at her yoga mat bag pattern (to sew) and saw all the cool things she was knitting. Since sewing was pretty much falling flat for me, I thought I’d give knitting a try. So I went to my friendly neighborhood Joann’s (now in the process of closing, thank god) and got a skein of gray Caron Wintuk and pair of Susan Bates Size 10 straights. I went to and Vogue knitting to learn how to get started. For a couple days I fussed with making a knit stitch. Finally, I realized that I have to actually slip the knitted loop off the left needle for this knitting thing to actually work. EUREKA! And the rest is history.

Knitting is pretty much the only thing I do in my off time now. And by that I mean the time when I’m not working, doing stuff with Mr.V, sleeping, eating, running errands, napping… hmm, actually if you count reading knitting blogs, knitting boards on craftster, and other knitting related sites then I knit at work too. Just don’t tell my boss ;) I’m pretty much obsessed/addicted to knitting. Weird, because I’m so anti-addiction. Am I hypocrite?

Do I really care?

No… I could think of worse things to do with my free time.

And what’s up with the online knitting sites posting all these cute new patterns all of the sudden?

Click Here

And Here

I was paging through SnB Nation (I just got it from the Library) last night making mental notes on all the things I want to knit from there. And that doesn’t count the stuff from my two IK issues that are now in my possession. What’s a knittah to do? Move to Alaska so my sweater knitting will never interrupted by that pesky sun and evil earth's orbit?


Karin said...

I've been knitting for over 2 years now. I can't believe it's been so long! The first year I didn't really knit all that much, but sometime around last fall I became seriously addicted. The more I knit, the more I want to!

ErLeCa said...

I was just thinking about that today! I have to get cracking on knitting some sweaters because soon it's going to be too warm to knit with wool!

I remember when I started knitting. It was about 8 years ago! I can't believe it's been that long, but it's been seriously worth all the time I've put into it!