Saturday, January 14, 2006


It turns out that I don't have to do work over the weekend. (Probably not I haven't checked my email yet). So that's good. As you've probably noticed I've been apologizing about not posting as frequently as I hoped. When I started this thing in november I was hoping to post about every other day. But now I'm really only posting about twice a week. My intentions are there, trust me. But there two obstacles that block my good intentions:
  1. Yes, I sit at a computer all day at work (and I call myself a chemist?) that has little-to-no internet controls. I'm pretty much given total freedom when it comes to the internet. My job is also stress free about 99% of the time. But the good work ethic in me says to stay away from posting at work, especially since my posts tend to me short novels and I can't post pics there.
  2. Since I sit at a computer all day (away from my darling Mr.V) I normally stay away from the computer after work. Plus, Mr. V pretty much dominates the home computer anyways...
In short, I have to enact a plan in order to post more frequently. Mr. V suggested that I post at least once during the week while I'm at work, and then post (with pictures) as much as I want during the weekends. So that way, even if I only post twice a week at least you get one post during the week and one during the weekend. No long-ass dry spells. Anyways... on to the knitting:

Yeah, so I didn't finish Hourglass sweater yet. I'm damn close, though. All I have to do is hem, weave, and fix some stitches. It's already semi-wearable and you better believe I checked the fit. It looks good considering it's slightly too big (sizing on this pattern is not very good) and I used chunkier yarn (hence no draping). I'm happy. But of course I'm a procrasta-knitter who hates finishing so I distracted myself at the 11th hour last sunday. I started knitting SOCKS!

Oh what joy, I say. I finished one sock and knew I was in love!! I'm just about finished with the second sock and I'll have pictures for you tomorrow. Must make more socks....

huh, hourglass?

On Wed. I went to Joann's to pick up some Homespun (on sale) for the ballet wrap cardigan on the cover of Interweave Knits, which I still haven't received. Any day now...

Tomorrow, pictures!!


Karin said...

One thing you could do is write out your posts in an email to yourself or a word document at work. That way you can kind of add to it when you have the free time and save it when you're busy with something.

Looking forward for the pics!

ErLeCa said...

Oh dear it sounds like you've fallen into a sock frenzy. Those things are so hard to stop making! I mean, what's better than a small project you can take with you anywhere you want? Not to mention they provide near-instant gratification!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your hourglass sweater. It's so close to being finished!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the hourglass sweater. I think all bloggers understand when there are lapses in posting. Sometimes I get behind in posting because I'm on a big knitting binge or working my ass off!