Wednesday, November 09, 2005

LOST death and a Pre-New Year Resolution

So blackberry is inching along, literally. I was able to finish the first sleeve last night after many knit-backs and even a chunky frog. As it turned out, I got a bit overzealous with the sleeve and knit it to about 21 inches before cap shaping. Silly me. So I frogged back about 4 inches. The nice thing is after a few decrease row repeats you can stop doing the bobbles (which are the DEVIL). Hopefully, the second sleeve will move on a lot smoother. I will have lots of pics for construction and finishing. I might be able to finish this by the end of next weekend *crossing fingers*

Now, on to more pressing matters. LOST will be starting up again tonight after a two week break. And this episode should be a doozy. It seems the island is small afterall, and since they keep adding more characters, someone's got to go. Who will it be?? Answer: No one important and no one anyone really cares about (remember Boone?). There is a rumor that Maggie Grace (aka Shannon) is leaving the show to pursue other interests. But, I don't think the show will be wanting to let go its primary eye candy so soon. My money's on Rose. We've been seeing her a lot lately which could only mean one thing: You're gonna die, bitch!! We shall see.

Among knitting and LOST obsessing I also regulary workout (insert applaus here). Nothing noteworthy really. Just something to keep my ass from looking like cottage cheese, and my jeans fitting comfortably. I did two 5Ks last summer. I finished, that's all. And with the holidays swiftly approaching I'd figure I spruce my running skills so I can easily shift into training after New Years. My goal: run a 5K in 30 flat. I run it now in about 34 min. Not impressive, but considering the country I live in (and how fat we are) it's something to be proud of. But the virgo in me wants improvement. So I read this article. I think this will work. It's a quality versus quantity thing, which is perfect for the holiday season. Anyone want to join me?


Karin said...

I would totally love to join in on the running thing. Only problem is there are NO hills where I live. Seriously--ever been to the Midwest? No hills. Any ideas for what I could do those days?

Cathy said...

I'll be doing most of my running on the treadmill. We have a fitness center at work I take advantage of. Can you find a treadmill to workout on hill days? Otherwise I'll have to think of something creative...