Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's FIESTA time!!

Imagine if you will a beautiful Sunday morning. Sunny, not too cold (considering geographic location). Mr. V had just finished eating his waffles I so lovingly made for him (as I do every Sunday). We sit down to watch an episode of INUYASHA. Great episode. They kill somebody off and their arch nemisis gets stronger. We get ready to watch another, content in our weekend laziness, and then...

The party starts on the next door balcony! That's right! A party at 11:30 AM on SUNDAYYYY!! What the F$$K!! Don't they know that obligatory fiesta-time is Saturday night? Maybe their clocks are wrong. And what a treat this is, my friends. Loud music is the genre of spanish dance and hip-hop. Fireworks. Yes, whistle poppers being shot off a second floor balcony in the middle of a city. That's not a safety hazard. Noooo.

Last night (or morning) I was awakened by a lover's quarrell taking place down the street. But because it was the ONLY thing stirring at that time of night, it sounded like they were right inside our bedroom. FUN! Sometimes, I really look forward to winter around here. People stay inside, windows and doors are shut. This neighborhood actually gets somewhat tolerable.

So, we're not watching more Inuyasha. But, thankfully they've stopped. I'll cross my fingers and hopefully, they won't start again. Blogs make ranting so much easier.

Anyone else have bad neighbor stories to share?


Mia said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for visiting my brand new blog *grin* I'm LOVING it that now I've met two people from this area just thru the "blog world".. how cool! Now I have to find a way to do that "contact me thing" so I can list my email and we can keep in contact!

Oh.. and about that plastic bakeware you mentioned.. um.. THAT is ALREADY on my christmas list! ::laughing my head off::

talk to ya soon

Karin said...

Oh God--back when I lived in Charleston, SC, the 4 kids who lived above me threw a party once, and passed out leaving the music on until about 10 the next morning. The next time they had a party I called the cops and the kids threw a fit in front of the cops so the cops lined them all up on the street and yelled at them. Charleston is a horrible city. I haven't had any major problems in Chicago, fingers crossed, as I'll be moving in a few months!

Winter said...

Ugh. There used to be people just up the street from where I used to live that would throw loud parties outside just about every Saturday night in the summer, and unless we called the cops on them after midnight (when they were required by law to keep the damn noise level down), they'd be at it until 4 in the morning. Loud enough to prevent me from sleeping, even.

There were people in the apartment downstairs that had a tendancy on Friday nights to have parties that went on long enough that required calling the cops, and were loud enough that I could feel their music clearly through my floor.

And let's not forget the two loud and scary domestic disturbances that occurred in the apartment next to mine that required calling the police because I feared that someone was going to get hurt.

Yeah . . . I don't think I lived in a very good area.